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Babysitting for children from 3 to 6 years old in France  •  Déclic Éveil was created to provide an enhanced childcare service in France. It combines baby sitting with education. A babysitter comes to your home at the hours you've selected, and not only takes care of your children, but also contributes to his education. The organization of your childrens' birthday parties or taking care of your children for your with you on your vacation is also possible.

garde pédagogique garde partagé enfant lyon

Marie Blanc (founder and manager) Clinical Psychologist

Déclic Éveil is the result of 10 years of child care and degrees in clinical and neurocognitive Psychology

Thank you, Marie. Chloe and Kamelia were a critical and wonderful part of an enjoyable vacation in Paris.

garde partagé enfant lyon garde pédagogique

3 to 6 years

This is the age of language and the beginnings of mental representations and of the premises of writing. Déclic Éveil offers childcare with focus on intellectual and psychological development. In line with your instructions, the child will learn games so that he gets familiar with books, words, shapes, colors and much more. Accurate written reporting to your attention is put in place.
If needed, our baby sitter can bring your child to and from kindergarten.
If you are a French resident, the required budget is reduced by payments from CAF, a French welfare service, which add up to a ceiling of at least 292 EUR per month* and refunds 85% of the gross cost. In addition, a tax credit reduces by half the balance (limited to a ceiling).
* the funding from CAF is larger when income is below certain limits, which vary depending on the number of children. For a detailed information on the site
In the example, amounts from CAF are at the minimum you get whatever your resources
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