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Babysitting for children more than six years in France  •  Déclic Éveil was created to provide an enhanced childcare service in France. It combines baby sitting with education. A babysitter comes to your home at the hours you've selected, and not only takes care of your children, but also contributes to his education. The organization of your childrens' birthday parties or taking care of your children for your with you on your vacation is also possible.

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Marie Blanc (founder and manager) Clinical Psychologist

Déclic Éveil is the result of 10 years of child care and degrees in clinical and neurocognitive Psychology

Thank you, Marie. Chloe and Kamelia were a critical and wonderful part of an enjoyable vacation in Paris.

garde partagé garde pédagogique enfant lyon

More than six years

Six years and more, it is time to optimize the relation to school and give a taste for learning. But many children, many cases!Should we encourage reading, clarify a few points left in the dark during the lesson of the day, and do tomorrows homework without mistakes?
Do we need to overcome a problem, a difficulty to accept the effort of learning?
Our job is to identify the baby sitter who is best adapted to your child. Déclic Éveil has many contacts with universities in France and Europe, and thus has a wide range of candidates for you. Our agency directors all have extensive experience allowing them to choose the most suitable person quickly.
Our baby sitters will act in line with your instructions, those of the school, and knows how to most develop your child's potential.
Déclic Éveil, beyond the well-being of your child, including of course commuting from school and preparing meals, proposes many activities from which you can choose:
  • Foreign languages : English and French, of course, but also German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, ...
  • Science, mathematics
  • Literature
  • Geography, history
  • And more fun activities to combine, cooking, drawing, theatre ...
What budget is needed? Beyond six years, no further assistance from the CAF, but if you are a French resident, a tax credit cuts the bill by half (usually up to a ceiling of 12 000 EUR plus 1500 EUR per child).
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