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Babysitting agency in France - our childcare team  •  Déclic Éveil was created to provide an enhanced childcare service in France. It combines baby sitting with education. A babysitter comes to your home at the hours you've selected, and not only takes care of your children, but also contributes to his education. The organization of your childrens' birthday parties or taking care of your children for your with you on your vacation is also possible.

enfant lyon garde partagé garde pédagogique

Marie Blanc (founder and manager) Clinical Psychologist

Déclic Éveil is the result of 10 years of child care and degrees in clinical and neurocognitive Psychology

Thank you, Marie. Chloe and Kamelia were a critical and wonderful part of an enjoyable vacation in Paris.

garde partagé garde pédagogique enfant lyon

Our Declic team

"High quality services are related to better cognitive and language developments, positive relationships and obedience to the parents and less behavioral problems"
Fanny, 24, baby-sitter
Competent and outstanding students with strong qualities are rigorously selected to take care of your children.
1. Each tutor has a minimum of an undergraduate degree.
2. Each babysitter has a minimum of 3 years of experience in childcare and babysitting.
3. Each person is selected for his great personal qualities and for their psychological assets such as patience, listening qualities, curiosity and punctuality.

Kind managers help your family to take care of your children in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and Nantes :
  • In Paris, our agencies are located in 49, rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris and 20, rue Laplace, 75005 Paris. You can call Giulia (, or Sophie (,
  • In the Yvelines (78), you can contact Véronique (,
  • In Lyon, Morgane (,
  • In Lille, Frédérique (
  • In Toulouse, Marie-Pierre (
  • In Nantes, Audrey (,
  • In Marseille, Sarah (,
  • In Nice, Amandine (,
  • In Bordeaux, Virginie (,

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