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Babysitting, student job in France  •  Déclic Éveil was created to provide an enhanced childcare service in France. It combines baby sitting with education. A babysitter comes to your home at the hours you've selected, and not only takes care of your children, but also contributes to his education. The organization of your childrens' birthday parties or taking care of your children for your with you on your vacation is also possible.

enfant lyon garde pédagogique garde partagé

Marie Blanc (founder and manager) Clinical Psychologist

Déclic Éveil is the result of 10 years of child care and degrees in clinical and neurocognitive Psychology

Thank you, Marie. Chloe and Kamelia were a critical and wonderful part of an enjoyable vacation in Paris.

garde pédagogique garde partagé enfant lyon

Want to work with us?

  • If you are fond of children and education and you are a student in Paris region or in a city where Déclic Éveil is active, and you have free time during the day, late afternoon and /or Wednesday, you can join our team
  • Send us your CV and indicate your university level and qualifications /experience on early childhood that you are holding. French IUFM (school for primary school teachers) of course, but also the BAFA, (first aid and children care), or equivalent degrees from European Countries or North America are welcome.
  • Mention your experiences of mentoring children, such as summer camp animation (pioneers, etc...).


Working with Déclic Éveil means having a work contract in France and then enjoying the associated benefits *:
holiday leaves, health insurance. If you are already a student in France, you save the self-paid student health insurance cost and the meter starts running for your old age pension! 

  • You will join a team with passion for children and education and you will be in regular contact with colleagues to share your experiences.
  • If necessary, you will participate in a safety training course, educational methods and children psychology lessons.
  • Déclic Éveil pays not only for your hours of attendance with the children, but also the hours of preparation, transportation, and training as it will be included in your contract.
  • And if you want to stay here after you passed your exams, well, all our agency directors were babysitters when at the university!

* Subject to minimum numbers of hours achieved.

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